Studio hall gallery


I have been attending figure classes for over 20 years, WickeDraw has created a fresh and unique twist, and something I look forward to attending every month. Can’t wait to see what themes the future holds.

—Shawn Andrews, Comish Art
WickeDraw guest, Bethlehem, PA

I loved the Kissing Project! It was fun taking the photo but seeing how it was transformed into a life-like sketch was so neat. I’m so amazed by your talent, Michelle.

—Lisa Tower,
The KISS Project portrait, Mountain Top, PA

My husband and I met Michelle at the Alternative Gallery open house last month. She has such a kind and welcoming personality, and most importantly she has an incredible talent. While looking around her studio I fell in love with the Kiss Project she was working on. Her drawings perfectly captured the love and emotion of each couple. So, of course I was excited to participate in this project. Michelle drew an AMAZING portrait of my husband and I kissing. We’ll cherish it forever. Thank you Michelle!

—Kristen Lopez,
The KISS Project portrait, Bethlehem, PA

From time to time I look through Facebook’s “events near me” and one day I came across an event created by Michelle Lee Arts]that was looking for participates for the KISS Project. After reading about it, I decided to submit a photo of my mom and dad. I remember sitting at my hair salon when I opened Facebook and saw their finished sketch for the first time and tears filled my eyes. It was so beautiful! My mom’s sister had the same reaction when she first saw it. Being twenty-two and having lost both of them, having this sketch that captures their once in a lifetime love was truly a blessing. I am so thankful that Michelle accepted their photo and was able to capture their love so perfectly. The sketch will truly be treasured by so many of my parent’s loved ones.

— Shebra Garvin,
The KISS Project portrait, Wind Gap, PA

First time attending open draw. I’m out of practice but very much enjoyed it! She makes it fun by adding music and wine.

— Heidi Szekula,
WickeDraw guest, Blairstown, NJ