The KISS Project

Series 1 – Je t’adore

This fun participatory project was launched on Facebook in January of 2017 when I was inspired to draw a kiss a day using couples’ snapshots they submitted online. It resulted in 21 days of the lip smacking drawings below.  Free 8×10 prints were gifted to each couple for Valentine’s Day, when voting started on Facebook for the top 3 to be turned into paintings. The winners got to choose my media, style and title for their piece.

WINNERS: Nyssa & Rob, Ronny & Bill, Lisa & PJ (paintings below)

What inspired this The KISS Project?
As the 2016 Presidential election came to a close, I was saddened by the anger, fear and disharmony it ignited in our country, our friendships, our families. The KISS Project responds in a positive way, by spotlighting and sharing the beauty in something we all love and share. Something so simple and intimate.

Future KISS Series
I would like to continue The KISS Project for years to come, focusing on the other precious kisses in our lives. People & their much-adored pets. Parents and grandparents with their children. Friends loving friends. LGBTQ, interracial couples, and more. There’s a lot of love out there, we’ll see how this develops!

If you’d like to participate in an upcoming KISS series, please contact me by email at

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