YogART Classes

YogART Workshop

Are you ready to explore yourself with Transformative Art?
What is YogART® and who is it for? It’s a practice of tuning the mind, body and spirit through a bunch of fun creative exercises, and it’s for everyone! From creative visualization and stream of consciousness writing, to opening our chakras with easy yoga poses, mandala art body mapping and other activities—it provides a safe space to explore your inner world and make some discoveries. A place to open up blocks. Enjoy some self care. Have fun and tune into your intuition!

Next Date: TBA February 2018
Included: Art materials
What’s Needed: Notebook or sketchbook, yoga mat

What do I need? It does NOT require any art skills. It does NOT require any yoga or fitness skills. It DOES require an open mind, a notebook or sketchbook, and if possible, a yoga mat. All art materials are provided.

What is the yoga like? This is not a fitness class. The workshop includes a short 20-minute vinyasa yoga session. Vinyasa  is a gentle, flowing, dynamic sequence of  synchronizing breath with a continuous flow of postures.  There are no advanced poses, however I offer easier modifications for anything challenging.

The use of therapeutic-grade doTerra essential oils (such as Lavender and Frankincense) are used to inspire a calming, grounding atmosphere in the workshop. If you have any health care or other concerns about oils or anything else, please register in advance and fill out our student info form so I am fully aware of any limitations ahead of time.

My journey towards a more natural, healthy and happy lifestyle has led me to holistic health care, fun fitness practices and the art that keeps me sane! In my search for a practice that combined these loves of my life, I found YogART® and became licensed to teach in the spring of 2017. I am also a Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor with experience teaching Zumba and practicing yoga for decades. What I love about this class is that it’s not for artists, but for everyone that wants to explore their inner spirit—taking a step towards awakening, self-healing and self expression. It’s my goal to help you on that path through YogART®.